Vesting International Dredging B.V. (VID) is a Dutch based specialist dredging company with small to medium sized cutter suction dredges.
VID undertakes all types of cutter suction with the majority of our work relating to the marine dredging industries.
VID plan is to obtain a leading position on the global dredging market and assure a sustained growth in the next few years.
The knowledge, the experience and the skills of our people is made available for clients abroad.
Our modern and high-tech cutter suction dredgers with supporting activities and environmental skills, provides a unique opportunity for offering global solutions to clients all over the world.
Our capacity allows us to successfully undertake a wide variety of projects - from slimes and clays, to sands, corals and rock. Our mobility allows us to undertake small jobs to large projects. Our prospects clients include government departments, ports, construction contractors and private developers.
VID has its home base in The Netherlands but its operations are not limited to this area. We can undertake projects worldwide.